Clinton River Boat Club Rules

The following rules have been updated and revised by the Flag Officers and Board of Directors in April 2015.


1. All boats, including small and/or secondary craft, must operate at slow speeds in Club Island channels and lagoons. NO wake.
2. Life Jackets are STRONGLY encouraged for children under 12 years of age.
3. No swimming at the beach after sundown. No swimming in North and South Lagoons. No diving or jumping from swim island bridge.
4. Garbage must be wrapped and all refuse deposited in barrels provided.
5. Be considerate of others. Excessive noise or rowdyism (rowdy behavior) will not be tolerated.
6. No tents or stakes of any kind shall be allowed on Club Island without authorization by Grounds Committee.
7. Do not monopolize a picnic table. Umbrellas are permitted, but not to reserve tables.
8. Bonfires, campfires, or open fires of any type may only be conducted by adult members using propane (LPG) fueled firepits, and only those firepits provided by the Club may be used on Club Island. Only propane cylinders provided by the Club may be used. Firepits may only be used with the approval of a Flag Officer or Fleet Captain, and only at a location approved in advance by such Flag Officer or Fleet Captain. Club sanctioned events and maintenance operations are excluded from this rule.
9. Barbeque grills are provided by the Club for the shared use of adult members, and using only propane fuel provided by the Club. Members must use extreme care when using grills to assure the safety of others, avoid damage to picnic tables from hot pans and utensils, and to avoid spilling of grease on the lawn and picnic tables. For the protection of children and pets, chicken bones, rib bones, and refuse of other types are not to be dropped on the lawn. Propane cylinder valves are to be turned off when use of the grill is completed to prevent leaks.
10. All firearms (guns, air guns, air rifles, etc.), fireworks and/or explosives of any kind are prohibited on Club Island without written permission from the Fleet Captain and Board Action.
11. No cigarette butts on grass or in harbor.


1. Tennis shoes are required on court at all times. Men are requested to wear shirts, and women proper tennis attire.
2. No food or beverages allowed on courts.
3. Court time will be limited on Holiday Weekends to one (1) hour each day per family due to crowded conditions. On regular weekends be considerate of others, and don’t monopolize the courts.
4. All members are expected to observe standard tennis etiquette.
5. Clean up after yourself once your game is completed by putting tennis balls and racquets away. Parents are responsible for their kids’ behavior on the court and ensuring all equipment is properly put away.
6. Tennis courts shall not be used for any purpose other than playing tennis without the consent of a Flag Officer.
7. These rules are subject to change by Tennis Chairman if revisions are deemed necessary.


1. The Clinton River Boat Club burgee must be displayed at all times when docked at Club Island; power boats at the bow staff, sailboats at the peak of main mast. Any vessel entering the harbor that is not displaying a burgee must report to a Fleet Captain, Flag Officer, Director or the Island Caretaker.
2. Boats must always be docked in appropriately sized wells. Narrow-beamed boats are to be docked in smaller-beamed wells, leaving the wide-beamed wells for larger boats. Members who dock narrow-beamed boats in larger wells may be asked to move to an appropriately sized well.
3. Wells are available to all members on a first-come first-served basis, and may not be reserved or “spotted” for others. Members leaving the Island with their boat may not leave behind items such as shorepower cords or other possessions to save or reserve a well while they are gone.
4. Wells marked as “Reserved” may only be used for authorized purposes. Examples are wells reserved for the Commodore, Fleet Surgeon, club vessels or leased seasonal wells.
5. The sea wall at the end of the South Lagoon, or other wells marked as needed, shall be under exclusive jurisdiction of Entertainment Committee on any weekend that a Club activity is planned. No boat shall use such a marked reserved well without permission of the Club Island Entertainment Chairman.
6. No boat may be left unattended longer than twenty-four (24) hours, except those who have paid for seasonal wells.
7. Transient boats of recognized yacht clubs, 50 miles or more away from Club Island, should be welcomed for overnight docking, or longer if weather conditions are unfavorable to move, subject to availability of dock space. A charge of $50.00 per boat per night will be made.
8. Members are allowed only one guest (boat) at a time. Guest boats may not be at Club Island without the sponsoring member present, and must tie up in the closest vacant well to the sponsoring member. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests and must advise their guests of the rules, particularly rules concerning animals and life vests for children. When no well is available in either lagoon for a member, guest boats and/or transient boats may be asked to leave or tie across other boats by mutual agreement of all parties involved. See No. 9.
9. Guest boats and/or transient boats shall not be permitted (severe storms or other genuine emergencies excepted), commencing Friday night of Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day weekends.
10. All guest boats must be declared to the Fleet Captain or any Board Member (who are members of the Fleet Captain’s Committee) by the sponsoring member, providing name of boat and registration numbers.
11. Transient boats should also be reported by any members so that the Fleet Captain may keep a log of frequent visitors for possible membership.
12. Any guest boat may not be a visitor at Club Island more than twice during the boating season.
13. The Clinton River Boat Club is not responsible for any damages while docked at CRBC.
14. CRBC owned boarding steps shall be returned to designated locations after use.


1. Each year, the Commodore shall appoint a Dinghy Well Chairman, who shall have authority to assign and operate the dinghy wells at Club Island.
2. The Chairman shall oversee all day-to-day activities.
3. All dinghy well leases shall be for a term not to exceed one year.
4. Dinghy well space provided for members is intended for seasonal dockage of boats on Club Island. Space is assigned based on a waiting list and also the availability of appropriately sized dockage for the intended boat. In order to secure the assignment of lease to a dinghy well, an individual must be a Boating, Social, Junior or Life Honorary member of the Clinton River Boat Club in good standing and complete a Dinghy Well Application. No application will be approved nor will dockage be assigned by the Chairman without a description of the boat, including registration numbers, as requested on the application.
5. In all cases, any potential refunds, and the amount of any such refunds, are completely discretionary with the Clinton River Boat Club Board of Directors.
6. It shall be the general policy of the Clinton River Boat Club that no boat shall be maintained in a dinghy well if that boats’ LOA exceeds the length of the well. The purpose of this rule is to assure navigational safety for all boaters at Club Island.
7. No boat well is to be “personalized”, by modifications such as carpet, dock boxes steps, or other similar items. All modifications to any well area are subject to the prior approval of the Dinghy Well Chairman.
a. Only approved ladders may be installed. A diagram can be found on the Club’s Website or by contacting the Dinghy Well Chairman. Ladders will be removed from the dinghy well prior to September 30 and removed from the island.
b. Boatlifts have been approved for use within dinghy wells. The only system approved is “Air-Dock Boat Lifts”. Members are responsible for purchasing the lift at their own cost, installation and removal. Lifts are to be removed from the island no later than September 30. Lifts not removed will become property of Clinton River Boat Club and disposed of by the Board of Directors. Lift information [purchasing and installation diagram] can be found on the Club’s Website or by contacting the Dinghy Well Chairman.
8. Any member seeking a second well for a dinghy shall have the lowest priority possible, as compared to other members. Any member maintaining a second well at Club Island maybe removed from that well by the Dinghy Well Chairman at any time to accommodate another member’s first dinghy well. In the event of such a termination for a second dinghy well, an appropriate pro-rata refund of previously paid rental fees shall be made to the terminated member. All second boat well assignments are terminable at any time by the Dinghy Well Chairman.
9. Once a member has received a dinghy well assignment, that member may maintain the assigned well as long as he/she pays the annual rental fee for the well, and remains a Boating, Social, Junior or Life Honorary member in good standing of the Clinton River Boat Club. The date by which a well must be occupied is July 1. Due to the usually long waiting list for larger dinghy wells, failure to occupy the well by July 1 may result in forfeiture and reassignment of the space from the current waiting list. If a dinghy well is forfeited or reassigned for any reason, the original lessee will have first option to re-lease the same well the following year. If a dinghy well has not been reasonably occupied for two years, the well will be forfeited and permanently reassigned to a member on the waiting list. The original lessee may reapply but will be placed at the bottom of the current waiting list.
10. A waiting list for each available dinghy well category shall be maintained by the Dinghy Well Chairman on a continuing basis. This list will be maintained, together with a list of current well assignments. As a new assignment is made, the waiting list and current assignment list will be updated and posted in the Clubhouse and on the Club Website.
11. No member shall permit another boat, other than one owned by the assigned member for the well, to occupy a well, without approval of the Dinghy Well Chairman. Any sublease or sharing must be preapproved by the Dinghy Well Chairman.
12. No member shall dock, permanently or temporarily, a dinghy, inflatable, or small-boat, in a standard South or North harbor well. Moreover, a dinghy, inflatable, or small-boat shall not be allowed to tie across any large well as to infringe on an adjacent well.
a. Dinghies, inflatables and small-boats may dock in any large well from 6:00 p.m. Sunday through 3:00 p.m. Friday excluding holidays. Common sense in docking a dinghy, inflatable or small boat in large well should always prevail.
b. This is a courtesy (see #11 above) and does not preclude any Docking Rules as published.
13. Violations of these rules and regulations may be enforced by the Dinghy Well Chairman and/or the Board of Directors.
14. Dinghy Well Chairman will communicate each year confirming well assignments.
15. Approved ladder design is available on the CRBC website.


In the interest of preserving and maintaining our Clubhouse for the best use and enjoyment of all members, their families and guests, the Board of Directors post the following rules. We urge your fullest cooperation with the Clubhouse Committee at all times. The Entertainment Chairman shall be considered the Clubhouse Committee.

1. Each member is responsible for all persons aboard his boat who use the Clubhouse, its facilities and equipment. Children are the responsibility of their parents and should be supervised in their activities in the Clubhouse. Children under 12 are not allowed in the clubhouse without an adult or designated person over the age of 12. Children 12-15 may be in the clubhouse without adult supervision until 9:00PM. After 9:00PM, any person under the age of 16 must be with an adult 18 or older.
2. Clubhouse furniture and equipment shall not be used for outdoor activities except as authorized by the Board of Directors.
3. Anyone using the Clubhouse for private parties must clean up thoroughly. This shall include cleaning tables and chairs and putting them away, dry-mopping floors, vacuum cleaning carpeting, disposal of refuse and cleaning all kitchen equipment and facilities that may have been used.
4. Use of the kitchen and the kitchen equipment requires permission of the entertainment committee (Rear Commodore or Flag Officer). All equipment will be checked before and after a party by the committee. Use of oven, microwave, coffee maker and preparation areas are allowed.
5. Any breakage by anyone, at any time, must be paid for or replaced.
6. Showers are for the convenience of everyone and parents are responsible for the actions of their children when in the showers. Misuse, by a few, may result in the showers being turned off.
7. Wet bathing suits are not permitted in the Clubhouse.
8. The clubhouse has been designated as a non-smoking area.
9. Pets are not permitted in the Clubhouse. Pets are not allowed to be tied or staked near the Clubhouse at any time.
10. Rough play of any kind is not permitted in the Clubhouse. Vandalism and destruction, in any form, is not to be tolerated and should be stopped by anyone witnessing it happening or very likely to occur.
11. The last person leaving the Clubhouse shall be responsible for checking the premises, including the heads, and turning off the lights.
12. Anyone found to be in violation of these rules shall be subject to disciplinary action by the Board of Directors. Your cooperation is very necessary and appreciated.
13. Clubhouse Committee Member’s names and their boat names will be posted in the Clubhouse each year and they are authorized, by the Board of Directors, to enforce these rules.
14. No sleeping overnight in the clubhouse.


1. All pets must be kept on a short leash at all times and at no time shall a pet be staked out, tied to a picnic table, tree, or any other Club property unattended.
2. Extend-a-Leashes and retractable leashes are NOT to be used when walking your dog.
3. Leashes are not to exceed 6 FT.
4. Pets shall not be allowed loose at the beach area while the beach is being used by others. Pets may use beach if the beach is not being used by swimmers. Pet waste must be properly disposed.
5. All pet refuse must be removed by owner immediately.
6. Pets are not permitted in the Clubhouse. Pets are not allowed to be tied or staked near the Clubhouse at any time.
7. All pets creating a disturbance are to be silenced or removed from Club property immediately.
8. Dogs are not to be walked behind the boats while on their way to or from the Dog Run area. In the South Harbor, dogs should be walked from your boat straight out to the seawall and then down and within five feet of the seawall to the Dog Walk area. Follow this same path on the return to your boat. In the North Harbor, please walk behind the picnic tables and trees to within five feet of the west seawall on your way to the Dog Run area. Dogs are strongly encouraged to be walked away from boats and picnic tables. Owners are responsible to control the behavior of their dog.
9. Pooper Scoopers are available in the Dog Run areas. Please be prepared when walking dogs on the island by having a scooper with you at all times.
10. If children walk your dog, please instruct them that they MUST pick up the refuse. If they are not comfortable doing so, please have an adult walk your dog.
11. It is not acceptable to allow your dog to relieve itself anywhere other than the designated areas.
12. Dispose of all dog hair from grooming, do not leave on grass.
13. Barking dogs are not to be left on boat while member leaves the island.


1. No personal vehicles, motorized or otherwise, are permitted on Club grounds without the express prior approval of The Flag Officers and Board of Directors.
2. Motorized equipment governed by these rules shall be defined as any equipment having a motor whether gasoline or electric whether for propulsion or doing work such as, but not limited to: Work Barge, Work Boat, Tractors, Gators, Golf Carts, Lawn Equipment.
3. Use of ANY motorized equipment owned by the Club MUST be approved by a Flag Officer.
4. John Deere Gators are strictly for use by the Flag Officers and Directors for Club Business. However, the Gators will be made available for use by Chairpersons hosting events.
5. No one under the age of 16 should operate any Club vehicle at any time, unless accompanied by an adult of at least 18 years of age.
6. No vehicle, Club or otherwise shall be permitted to be left unattended between boats and the picnic tables unless for loading and unloading purposes.
7. When an electric golf cart is needed for a member’s mobility needs, it must be requested and approved from a Flag Officer. Any approval and use of carts for a member’s mobility needs must take into account other members who may also need the cart for mobility needs. All members who have been given approval to use the cart by a Flag Officer in this manner are expected to willingly share the vehicle, and must communicate and coordinate with others to assure equal access to the cart and conform with each other’s schedules and needs. No one member shall be approved or allowed to have exclusive use of an electric golf cart for the day. When not needed, or otherwise not in use, the Cart must be returned to the garage and placed on the charger.
8. For members requiring the use of a Powered Mobility Chair (PMC): the member, by written request to The Board of Directors, may seek approval for its use on Club grounds. PMC’s may not be left unattended between boats and the picnic tables. PMC’s are not permitted in the clubhouse. Under no circumstances is a PMC to be used by anyone other than its approved user. PMC’s cannot be left on the island unattended (throughout the week when the PMC owner is not present).



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